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Installing the driver Canon CAPT for printers Canon LBP

03 november 2016, 23:08

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User codencodenСаранск in the relevant subject was proposed was developed on the basis of data from different sources a script to install and configure Linux driver CAPT Printer Driver v2.70 for Canon printers LBP-810 LBP-1120 LBP-1210 LBP2900 LBP3000 LBP3010 LBP3018 LBP3050 LBP3100 LBP3200 LBP3210 LBP3108 LBP3150 LBP3250 LBP3300 LBP3310 LBP3500 LBP5000 LBP5100 LBP5300 LBP5050 LBP6018 LBP6000 LBP6020 LBP6200 LBP6300 LBP6300n LBP6310 LBP7010C LBP7018C LBP7200C LBP7210C LBP9100C LBP9200C on Ubuntu 12.04 12.10 13.04 13.10 14.04 14.10 15.04 15.10 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. If you've done any steps for installing your printer in this series on the current system before beginning the installation, you must undo these steps. In the absence of the driver packages, they are downloaded automatically to the folder of the script. To update the driver first remove the old version via script then set the new through the script. To use the script you need to download it and run it through the terminal Sources Gratitude varr memfis fabux murex Antoine P rajamohan Radu Cotescu tonidito Peter Smit. Driver download on the Canon website. Unpack the archive go to the unpacked folder to install it in turns cndrvcups-common.deb cndrvcups-capt.deb Not including the printer register it in the system Is LBP2900 specify your printer model and instead CNCUPSLBP2900CAPTK.specify the ppd name the ppd for your printer from the table below Using the main menu on the desktop panel run the program and select Print, right-click the default printer. Reboot the computer turn on the printer and try to print. In the preview, don't forget to adjust print settings. Delete the printer Deletion of driver Remove from startup ccpd Restart your computer. If the printer does not start printing then you need to look in devusb under what name the displayed printer lp2 for example, if we cancel and register again Included with the driver comes captstatusui graphical utility with which you can track the status of the printer. It can be used as follows To ensure that the monitoring starts whenever the computer is turned on do the following open the system Settings → startup applications click on add button. The Name Canon Printing Status Monitor Command captstatusui -e-P ltназваниевашегопринтераgt Description Hidden until error With the-e option, the utility will not show the window until won't happen error. © 2012 the Ubuntu-ru Russian-speaking community Ubuntu Linux. © 2012 Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical

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