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How to share a printer over the network in Ubuntu (via IPP)

03 november 2016, 23:07

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Reviews | Articles | Services | Articles | Services | Programs Selected articles The most common way to share a printer over a network in Ubuntu Linux is to use Samba. For example, in Ubuntu 12.04 with installing a local printer it is automatically shared network printer via Samba, of course, if before it was the Samba service is installed. Note. Samba is linux server which is recreating the network environment Windows allowing you to share network resources computers running Windows. In this case the Windows computers can see the computers Linux is also like computers Windows. Samba allows to share network files and printers. In General, Samba works quite well. Performing the functions of separation of network resources not only between computers Linux but Windows and Linux Linux. However, there are times when you need to use other options. For example, to share the printer through the Internet or if you have the so-called Windows printer which can't share through Samba. Note. Any printer is running its firmware - firmware. In normal printers the firmware recorded in the printer. But there are printers there are quite a few which firmware dynamically loaded in the printer driver for this printer. Usually such the printers work fine under Windows only. And under other operating systems, they face certain problems. For example HP LaserJet M1132 or HP LaserJet P1102 Linux locally plugged in and working but network via Samba to make them work very difficult. In this article, we describe how to configure a network printer in Ubuntu 12.04. There are several protocols network printing is one of them IPP Internet Printing Protocol. This Protocol helps printing via network protocols TCPIP. Although he called Printing Protocol Internet access printer through it possible and through a local network because it uses the same protocols TCPIP. From a technical point of view there is no difference between the local network and the Internet. Naturally the first thing to do is to install and configure a local printer on that the computer to which it is connected. Usually in Ubuntu this is done automatically after a while once you stuck the printer in the USB socket and turned it on. After connecting the local printer need to check his work. And already then share the printer over the network. In Linux, the print service manages CUPS. Ubuntu access to configure CUPS through any the browser - you need to open the address localhost631 and in the panel on the Administration tab, enable the options to Allow sharing .. Allow printing from the Internet This should be done on the computer to which the printer is connected locally It will be the server computer. Need

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