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How to connect a printer through a router? Page

03 november 2016, 23:07

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When organizing your home network, many have question how to connect a printer through a router of a Computer network surround us everywhere at home and at work. Every educated user knows that the Union of several computers and printers in a single LAN using the router gives a lot of advantages. But what about a normal printer which has no built-in network adapter Can I connect it to the network for sharing across multiple computers Printer connection through the router you need to use the print function to multiple computers. Connect the printer via a router can be and without any of the adapters do not need neither Ethernet nor WiFi connection is enough only one USB interface which is in any modern printer. The only condition is that the router had a USB port and on a functional level supported the work of the network printer. In this case, it remains only to connect the printer to the router via a standard USB cable properly configure it settings and then all its functions will be available to any authorized network users. You must run setup of the printer. Of course to attach the printer through a router it is not the only way to enable the given peripheral device in a home network. Traditionally, the printer was connected to one of the computers in LAN and then had to run with discs and flash drives to this computer, or more correctly access shared access to printing devices. However, any of these methods runs into a serious obstacle for remote printing of documents at the network printer you want the computer to which the printer is attached was enabled. While it will not start the system no printing. This often creates inconveniences because there is a need to consider alternative ways to connect one of which is using a router as an intermediary. Because it is unlike computer can run faster run constantly requires less electricity and is completely silent. So to connect a network printer with a router we will need the following devices Select the port type and enter the ip address. Although the support network printing now is virtually any relatively high-quality therefore not the cheapest model of the router it is still recommended to check whether the compatible available router and printer. Usually it depends on the model and the version of its firmware. List of supported router models of printers can be viewed on the website of the device manufacturer or

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